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October 14 2019

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October 13 2019

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From my warped BF

*Screams and smacks it with a broom*

*takes the broom away and smacks you upside the head before cuddling the cat spider* That’s no way to treat a fluffy friend

/Grabs broom before WoodElf68 gets smacked & gets WoodElf68 outta the room and away from “scary” Catspider
/Stealing-Your-Kittens and I both pet Catspider and say idiotic things like “Oooh! Lookit all those cute leggies!”

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Some cute kitties drawn/painted by Andy Warhol
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visit Saturn
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I am justice

wrong ship
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The Pollution of the Water, Remedios Varo

Medium: oil,canvas
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Modern girls require modern solutions

I’m saying this out loud to myself for practice

This is a PERFECT response to someone who is casually racist, misogynist, or bigoted. I’m a white guy, and it’s appalling how often my fellow white guys say a racist thing around me, presuming I agree with them. When I say, “I don’t get it,” or “What do you mean by that?” it ALWAYS shuts them up, and maybe even makes them feel some shame, if only temporary.


Vigri, last weekend vs. this weekend 🌟💪 Last weekend was an Icelandic sport competition in which he became world ranking in T1. This weekend was a 30 mile endurance ride, his first ever, in which he top 10’d. Don’t let people tell you your horse can’t do it all. Good training is good training, a good competition horse is a good riding horse, and good husbandry carries over into everything. Vigri is a product of so many things combined: R+ training (clicker training!), French classical dressage, 24/7 access to forage, slowfeeder systems, natural horsecare, composite shoes, balanced hoof trimming, great bodywork from great vets, and many, many patient hours of loving training and care over YEARS, not weeks or months. Vigri has been with me since just before his 4th birthday. He’s now 11. This is the reality, this is the kind of time it takes for a horse to reach and sustain this level of robust education, fitness, and comfort over a lifetime. Too many are pushed hard and fast to great heights and then crash and burn. Love them, give them time to mature, and they will amaze you - even downhill, awkward ugly-duckling colts like Viggo. I find it to be true time and time again, but this horse in particular is my hero ❤️

You are both my heroes! Horses are wonderfully intelligent and sensitive, and it breaks my heart when they are subjected to training gimmicks and their development is rushed. Folks like you give me joy and hope!
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In The Forest, 1904, Wassily Kandinsky

Medium: mixedtechnique,panel
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