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July 27 2017

bear with me and my silly puns
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July 24 2017

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subnet mask.
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July 22 2017

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July 20 2017

July 18 2017

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July 10 2017

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July 09 2017

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July 08 2017


Don’t invest in the funeral business, its a dying industry.

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July 04 2017

July 03 2017

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July 02 2017

June 30 2017

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The second coming

Location: New Mexico

Spotted by: Ron Simpson

Via The best of Sign Language: 2012 - Telegraph

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June 23 2017

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June 21 2017

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Man1: hey what’s the weather like out side? I heard it’s going to storm.
Man2: *looks out side to see a small alien peeking through the window back at him*
Oh I dont know, it’s a little grey out there.

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subway sure doesn’t mess around when it comes to puns

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How much does a hipster weigh? an Instagram..

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June 20 2017

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Kokolores …
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